I’d often get asked when coming home from vacation in the Philippines, how the weather was. As always, it is hot there! Fortunately though, when we went there the last time, it was rainy season. Most days were cool, but when the sun is out, the temperature rises too!

It’s nice to hide in an air conditioned room all day or escape to a nearby mall. Our living room in Talisay only relies on electric fan which already needed to be changed coz it was almost dying. We thought of buying a ceiling fan, just like the Hunter fans sold online, so it covers and cools a bigger area and also is space saving. But the one we chose was no good. After a long and hard time installing it in the ceiling, we found out that it wasn’t sufficient enough to cool the whole room. It has to be taken down, disassembled and returned to the store.

In the end, we replaced the ceiling fan with an air cooler. It cools better, more like an aircon, enough to drive the heat away. It might be scorching hot outside, but inside, its better. The heat can’t stop us from going back to the Philippines!