Caity gets excited whenever we prepare to go out. While her Papa is driving, she’d say over and over “Go to Robinson’s. Go to Robinson’s” Like earlier, we had to go to the bank to pay for my orders from FB. She thinks we’re going to Robinson’s again. Fortunately for her though, I really had to stop there coz she and Adie were running out of milk. I wonder why she likes going to the malls. SM is another of her favorites.

Maybe because she likes running in the air-conditioned mall without sweating?at the mall
Running after Caity is a way how to lose belly fat fast.

Is this why you like to go shopping Caity? So you can ride the cart, or is it because you’re fascinated with the many things you see?
at the mall

Or is it because you can ride the choo-choo train?
at the mall

All of the above eh?