It’s the glorious season of spring and we welcomed it with a visit last weekend to a friend’s homey cottage outside of Praha. While we were enjoying ourselves despite the cold weather, my little girl C kept herself busy tinkering around. Aside from wandering in the garden, she picked up a gardening tool and played with it.

Here are some pics to give you an idea:

Well, little C is really becoming curious and inquisitive nowadays. I’m glad that she’s also interested with “reading” books and being creative by doing art work with her crayons. These are educational activities that help prepare kids for the real academic setting in the future, the world of classrooms and homework, and eventually sat preps and all sorts of scholastic exams.

Like most parents, preparing the kids for the first day of classes is important for me as well as other future educational challenges. One important test for those planning to go to colleges and universities in the US is the SAT, which is a standardized test to determine a student’s literacy, writing and reasoning skills. I’m sure most college hopefuls would consider enrolling in SAT prep courses to get higher scores.

My little girl may still be too young for the real academic world, but I’m already providing her with a supply of educational materials and activities at home. These books and toys help get her acquainted with learning at an early age.