Few of my friends have taken second courses to cope up with the demands of times. I know many doctors who took nursing courses coz nursing is more needed abroad and working abroad means bigger financial rewards.

Recently I heard a friend who’s planning to take Information Technology (IT) degree coz it pays well here in CZ. Her work as an English teacher which she’s relying on for her survival doesn’t offer enough to pay for all her needs and expenses.

If ever she decides to go back to school, juggling her studies and work would be difficult. But it can be done. Getting a degree online has become a trend these days for busy people because of the flexibility it offers them.

One online university I know that provides a variety of online degree programs including IT is the Western Governors University. It has successfully developed into a national university that caters to more than 14,000 in the US.

If my friend wants to follow this trend, I’m sure she can find an online university here in Praha too that can offer her the same online education without giving up her present work (yet).