Red cherries, sparkling like glass tiles!

On our trip to Brno last weekend, we passed roads with many cherry trees along the side which were blooming abundantly with… what else but cherries! At the end of our Slavkov tour on our way back to the hotel, M stopped by to pick some fruits upon my prodding.

Can you see M on the tree?

The cherries weren’t really sweet but little C liked it.  She was popping them into her mouth like they were M&M’s. I had to stop giving her after awhile coz she swallowed the seeds too! And when I took out the seeds before handing it to her, she complained. I kept the cherries out of her sight.

Anyway, my dad (in-law) promised to let us know when his friend’s cherry trees are ready for harvesting so we can join in the fun just like two years ago. That was the first time I tasted cherries (I was still pregnant with little C then) and luckily they were oh so very sweet! I’m looking forward to eating them again.