Little C is still obsessed with her dad! I’ve been sort of dethroned as little C’s most-loved creature haha. Every morning when M prepares himself to work, little C would also wake up (she’s light sleeper, little noises wakes her up easily), go down from the bed and follow her dad. Poor hubby couldn’t shower/dress himself coz the little girl wants to go up to his arms and be carried around. I had to wake up too and get her or else her dad wouldn’t be able to leave for work.

The past days we have been blessed with warm sunny afternoons so little C and I would meet her dad after work and spend time together as a family; nothing really grand, just a walk around the neighborhood, a little shopping, dining out, etc.

On Monday we took little C to a toy store where she picked a doll for herself. The moment she saw it, she just grabbed it and held on to it tightly with a happy smile on her face that was so irresistible; we had to buy it for her. I would have wanted a bigger doll (which can talk, cry and do lots of other baby things) for her, like what her cousin has but M said to just go with little C’s choice.

Little C at the toy store

So at 13 month-old, little C is now starting her training as a little mom to her doll. =D No wonder we girls are so good at taking care of kids coz we’ve been practicing since we’re babies! Actually she started way before her 13th month coz when she was an infant she already had a rag doll.