I followed my mom’s advice to expose little C to books with colorful pictures, alphabets and numbers while she’s still young so her young brain can pick up whatever she sees and store it in her subconscious. It will hopefully instill in her the love for books and learning too.

Every time I show a book to her, I noticed that she’s really engrossed with the pictures on it. My sister captured some of her “reading” moments via webcam while we were chatting one day but they were hazy. This afternoon with hubby’s help I was able to capture clearer images.

The kids who are taught earlier will have better learning capability than those who are not when they grow up. But thanks to tutoring services such as Tutor Vista, even with lack of early training they still have the chance to excel in school. Students who are having difficulty with their subjects like Math or English can get help by expert tutors. Students have the option to enroll in their personalized online tutoring or homework help.

As for my little C, I’ll continue exposing her to educational materials and creative stuff so she’ll grow up to be a smart girl. 🙂