March 23rd, 2014The weekend

The first weekend of spring was a mix of sun and rain. Saturday was such a fine day. We spent the morning admiring the flowers, sitting under the warmth of the sun and biking (yeah, me too!). After lunch the kids wanted to go out again. This time C was on her roller skates and little A rode his scooter. M went with them, while I stayed and tidied up the house. They later came back and wanted to ride their bikes again. (:

I started my day with this breakfast.  I’m happy with the new silicone waffle mould I bought!

C was pretending it was her house. Flower house!

Hello daisies!

Our early dinner at 5 in the afternoon!

Sunday was rainy, after the Mass we decided to stay home the whole day. I made the kids a cozy corner where they can snuggle with their fave stuffed toys and read their books. What is C reading?  She’s got the book  Bernard & Bianca (of the movie The Rescuers) in Czech which she borrowed from the library. Little A has Roary, the racing car.

I think the kids were also tired after yesterday’s activities and welcomed the relaxing break. I on the other hand, did some crafty work.

How about you? How was your weekend? I hope you had a nice one!

March 21st, 2014Spring has sprung!

Today has been a lovely warm day. Little A and I decided to go on a treasure hunt. He put on his eye patch and off we went. I told him we’d look for pine cones, sticks & whatnots.

A pirate with a basket? haha

He couldn’t help but touch the flowers! So we went home with a bunch of fresh flowers and the rest of our treasures. (:

I’m glad there are still trees nearby where the kids can climb or in A’s case, to sit on.

March 12th, 2014Then and now

Strange. This happened last weekend when I checked on Caity if she was ready to go. While I was waiting for her to get done, the sight of her putting on her shoes while sitting on that pink step-up stool looked totally familiar. Then I had a flashback of the little determined girl trying to master the skill of wearing her shoes on her own. How can I forget? I even have it documented in photos and videos! I have to admit I was a bit emotional when I watched her videos and how thrilled I was when she successfully put on her shoes.

I guess I’d really flip if few years from now, I’d see her sitting in that same old stool trying on her first stilettos. Sniff. sniff. Time does fly and kids do grow. One day they’d be looking  for miami condos for sale or flats here in Prague to move in. We’d be fortunate if they chose the latter. I’d want to live close by them.

February 8th, 2014Can you see what I see?

Oh, this book is so cool! I’m glad I picked it from the pile of books for sale without even giving much thought. I was simply attracted to the colorful pictures and when Adie started counting some of the objects there (The boy is into counting everything and anything!), I immediately decided to buy it. Little did I know that it was like an I Spy book. Well, the guy Walter Wick is THE brilliant photographer of I Spy books!

Because Adie has many toy cars, I thought “why not make the traffic jam real?”. Adie and I recreated the scene with all the cars lined up in rows. Then I placed random small things when the little boy wasn’t looking and let him find them. It was fun!

Do you want to play? Can you see what I see?
A pink owl, a light bulb. Two Eiffel towers.  A dog, a cat.  A penguin. A stop sign.
The rest are not so visible in the photo. Anyway, did you see the mentioned items?

December 30th, 2013Getting kids to love music

Adie and his friends during their class' Christmas celebration.

Adie and his friends during their class’ Christmas celebration.

Parents are always proud of their kids’ talents and achievements. Nothing beats seeing your little one playing a complicated piano piece or gracefully dancing to a ballet number. This is why I’m starting my own kids early in their own journey of music and art. I try to make it fun and creative with them so they can get the most from these activities and learn a lot.
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